Vocational Programme

The Vocational Certificate is a bespoke programme aimed at young people who wish to work towards Level 2 accreditation. The course combines vocational qualifications and is tailored to the individual educational needs of the pupils and where possible to meet their aspirations for the future.

Year One

Level one Personal and Social Development primarily aims to improve confidence, communication and resilience of pupils. Units of study include developing self, rights and responsibilities and working with others. Pupils need to successfully complete eight units in order to achieve a pass.

Year Two

Develops those skills and qualities gained during the first year of the course, allowing pupils to work towards a Level 2 Award or Certificate  in Employability Skills. This qualification develops an understanding  of the  requirements of seeking employment and provides the ability to relate to workplace environments.

The course is supported throughout the duration with extra-curricular visits these might include the Magistrates Court, The Road Safety Experience and Work related activities such as Kent Choices. We also have a number of guest speakers and workshops this year these have included Drive To Ensure, flower arranging, communication and interview skills and first aid training.