IB CP Core

The IB CP Core has 4 key areas. These are: Personal and Professional skills, Service Learning, Language Development and the Reflective project. The program is designed to give students transferable and lifelong skills in such areas as communication, critical thinking and applied knowledge. This prepares our students to continue to be successful in both the work force and institutions of higher learning such as university.

The first 3 elements of the core are assessed internally and the Reflective project is assessed externally.

The four areas of the core are below:

  1. Personal and Professional skills:
  • Students develop attitudes, skills and strategies to be applied to personal and professional situations and contexts now and in the future.
  • Skills develop which are transferable and can be applied in a range of situations.


  1. Service Learning:
  • Developing and applying knowledge and skills towards meeting an identified and authentic community need.
  • Students work together to allow them to use their own strengths and talents to benefit the local community.


  1. Language development:
  • Students learn conversational Italian. This allows students the benefit of knowing and understanding more than one language.
  • Language development encourages students to be active members of the 21st century.


  1. Reflective project:
  • Students identify, analyse, critically discuss and evaluate an ethical issue arising from their chosen career-related studies.
  • The reflective project is intended to promote high-level research, writing and extended communication skills, intellectual discovery and creativity.