KS3, 4 & 5 Food

The pupils will be taught the skills needed to be able to create the following dishes as well as having some free choices regarding other dishes they cook throughout the year:

Year 7:

  • Fruit salad, Scones, Upside Down cake, Bread rolls, Spanish rice

Year 8:

  • Pizza, Sausage rolls, Apple turnover, Chilli con carne, Spaghetti Bolognese, Paella, Victoria sponge, Macaroni and cheese

Year 9:

  • Chocolate brownie, Sweet and sour chicken, Quiche Lorraine, Risotto, Curry, Fresh pasta

Year 10: NCFE Level1/2 Technical Award in Food and Cookery

Unit 01 Principles of food safety, food nutrition and food choice.

This unit provides learners with the knowledge of understanding required for basic food safety, food preparation, food choice and nutrition. Learners will be introduced to safe and hygienic preparation and healthy eating guidelines. Learners will understand factors that affect food choice and how to make recommendations for specific groups of people, based on age and gender, along with other dietary needs. (40%)

Unit 02 Developing preparation and cooking skills  

This unit provides learners with the knowledge and understanding to be able to prepare and plan for food and cookery. Learners will know and understand recipes, the functions of ingredients and how to build on this by amending and developing recipes. Learners will know and understand how to prepare dishes for different people or occasions and how to respond to a set brief. Learners will develop their evaluative skills to review their menu, planning, preparation and completed dishes. (60%)

Year 11:  Food & Cookery

A personalised pathways programme is created for a select group of pupils. Pupils currently on this course will complete NCFE Level 2 in Food & Cookery. This qualification is designed for learners who have an interest in food and cookery. Pupils will normally be selected by the school for this course.

It will provide pupils with experience of using different cooking techniques and methods to enable them to use these within further education or apprenticeships. It will give pupils a basic understanding of the skills required for a career in food.

The NCFE Food & Cookery course is made up of 4 units.  Unit 1: Preparing yourself and the environment ready to cook; Unit 2: Understanding food, nutrition, food sources, eat well guide, methods of farming and reasons for food choice; Unit 3: Balanced diet, healthy eating, food labelling and modifying a recipe; Unit 4: Menu planning for specific diets of briefs, plan and cook a two course meal.