KS3 & 4 ASDAN and CoPE


This is a personal development programme studied in year 9 by Tydeman Centre pupils.

The pupils work towards their bronze award, which is designed to develop a range of skills that will be invaluable when they start work and begin living independent lives: Teamwork, Independent learning, Coping with Problems, and using Maths, English and ICT.

These skills are undertaken by completing a range of challenges, which are recorded and evidenced in their portfolio. The challenges undertaken include:

  • The environment: Improving the look of the Tydeman garden
  • Science and Technology: using IT and publisher to complete set tasks
  • The wider world: Organising a celebration with an international theme
  • Home management: plan and design a celebration cupcake
  • Sport and leisure: taking part in a residential trip
  • Number handling: plan a journey from beginning to end, learn to play a new game, create a weekly shopping list within a budget

Key stage 4

CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness)

This is a two-year course developing skills and abilities to prepare pupils for progression into work or college. Pupils work towards completing challenges at the appropriate level to build a Portfolio of Evidence which demonstrates competence in the following skills: Improving own Learning and Performance, planning and Carrying out a Piece of Research, Communication through Discussion and Planning, giving an Oral Presentation, Problem Solving and Working with Others.

These challenges enable pupils to develop self-confidence as they develop planning and reviewing skills in a range of subject areas.  The pupils develop their social skills and an appreciation of the wider world. The course encourages valuable skills such as listening, debating and recording evidence.

Pupils will learn through a variety of medium including presentations, discussions and written work. 

A portfolio of evidence is gathered over the 2 years and key skills paperwork is completed.  The portfolios are internally and externally moderated. 6 credits for this course are achieved in Year 9 through the bronze ASADAN certificate and transferred over (Tydeman students only). Mainstream students will need to complete these  extra 6 credits through independent work and so need a high level of motivation.