NCFE Level One Certificate in Personal and Social Development

Course Objectives

Unit Name/Number

The Learner will

The Learner can


Unit 02 Developing Self








1.Take an active role in their self-development.






2.Be able to plan for their self-development








3. Review their self-development and plan for the future.


  1. Describe personal strengths or abilities.
  2. Select an area for self-development
  3. Explain why this area is important for their self-development.



2.1 Prepare a plan for their selected area of self-development

2.2 List activities, targets and timelines for their self-development.

2.3 Plan how to review progress towards achieving their targets

2.4 Work through the agreed plan



3.1 review their self-development plan

3.2 Suggest improvements and amendments to the plan

3.3 Explain how they will continue with their self-development in the future.



Unit 05 Healthy Living (F/502/0476)









1.Understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle




2. Demonstrate how they contribute to own healthy lifestyle.




3. Review the activities undertaken to maintain a healthy Lifestyle.










  1. Describe the key elements of a healthy Lifestyle
  2. Explain why a healthy Lifestyle is important.




2.1 Select and carry out activities which contribute to a healthy lifestyle.




3.1carry out a review of their activities

3.2 Describe what went well and areas for improvement.

3.3 Describe how the activities have improved their lifestyle

3.4 Suggest further activities which could contribute to a healthy lifestyle.



Unit 06 Individual Rights and Responsibilities (K/502/0472)



  1. Understand their individual rights










  1. Understand their individual responsibilities


1.1 Give examples of their rights as an individual

1.2 Give examples of barriers which may prevent the exercise of their rights

 1.3 Identify sources of support and information about rights and responsibilities and describe how these could help.




  1. Identify their responsibilities to themselves.
  2. State their responsibilities to others
  3. Demonstrate how they take responsibility for themselves.



Unit 07 Making the most of leisure time (K/502/0651)



  1. Understand how to make the best use of their leisure time









  1. Be able to participate in a range of activities.








  1. Carry out a review of the activities they have tried.





  1. Describe the benefits of participating in leisure activities.
  2. Describe a range of leisure activities available to them.
  3. Identify ways in which they can make the best use of their leisure time.




2.1 Make arrangements to take part in different leisure activities to include:

a) a relaxing activity

b) a challenging activity

c) an activity which involves learning a new skill

2.2 Take part in activities



3.1 describe their experiences of the activities

3.2 State their preference for one activity from those tried out and give reasons for this choice.


Unit 09 Managing social relationships (D/502/0470)




  1. Understand how to interact with others in a range of social situations







  1. Demonstrate how to interact with others in a range of social situations.


  1. Identify at least 2 social situations in which they may need to interact with others
  2. Identify positive behaviours which can be used when interacting with others
  3. Explain why it is important to use positive behaviours when interacting with others.



2.1 Take an active role in exchanges on different topics, with one or more people

2.2 Use a range of appropriate behaviours when participating in the exchanges

2.3 Use appropriate formal and informal communication techniques.



Unit 10 Parenting Awareness (J/502/0656)



  1. Demonstrate an understanding of having a baby.







  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the sources of help and support available for parents.






  1. Demonstrate an understanding of a parent’s responsibility for keeping a baby safe


  1. Identify the ways in which having a new baby can be emotionally and physically demanding.
  2. Identify the signs of stress that parents may show, and describe the impact this may have on the family


2.1 Describe the sources of help available for new parents

2.2 describe the facilities in their local area which support parents with young children.

2.3 describe the benefits to new parents of help and support from a range of sources.



3.1 Describe a range of ways to ensure the safety and health of a baby.

3.2 Give examples of when a parent should seek medical advice about their baby’s health.



Unit 11 Preparation for work (J/502/0477)




  1. Understand how own skills and qualities relate to those needed for working life.









  1. Research personal career opportunities


  1. Describe personal and employability skills and qualities which employers need.
  2. Describe their own skills, qualities and achievements.
  3. Explain how their own skills, qualities and achievements relate to those needed in the workplace.
  4. Suggest areas for improvement.


2.1 Find out a range of potential job roles which interest them.

2.2 Match their skills, qualities and achievements to a potential job role.

2.3 Identify and prepare key information needed for an application or interview.


Unit 12 Working as part of a group (R/502/0465)


  1. Understand how to contribute to working as part of a group in appropriate ways


  1. Demonstrate how to work as an effective group member







  1. Review the group’s progress and their contribution to it.
  1. Suggest appropriate ground rules for working with others
  2. Contribute to the planning of group and individual activities.



2.1 Work with others in a positive way to carry out individual and group activities

2.2 Make suggestions appropriately

2.3 Deal with instructions appropriately

2.4 Deal with feedback appropriately

2.5 Support others and ask for support when required


3.1 review the progress the group has made in working together

3.2 Describe how they contributed to the work of the group

3.3 Describe what went well and what went less well

3.4 Suggest  how they could improve  their skills in working with others.