Tydeman DT Curriculum

Tydeman - DT Curriculum Year 9

These pupils will explore the following areas within Technology:


In Art, Year 9 will be exploring the key elements of surrealism and mythical creatures. Initially they will analyse the work of surreal artists and produce their own ideas in response to juxtaposition, transposition, illusion and metamorphosis. This project will enable pupils to understand the meaning and ideas behind the artwork and will help them to generate their own surreal artworks and refinement of: perspective drawing, use of colour, collage, painting and tonal drawing techniques. They will then explore Greek mythology, storytelling and illustration. They will focus on watercolour, print making and clay techniques in response to mythology.


Pupils will learn about how the Hospitality and Catering Industry works relating to the structure and day to day running of a variety of establishments. They will study specific job roles for kitchen staff and front of house staff. This will give the pupils an insight into the GSCE course we currently deliver to help them make an informed decision for their GSCE Options.

Alongside this pupils will follow a pre-set menu plan of the following dishes; Chocolate brownie, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Risotto, Fresh curry from paste, Quiche and Sausage casserole. Pupils will also get the opportunity to cook two dishes of their choosing to showcase their cookery ability.


In Year 9 RM pupils will be working on producing a passive acoustic speaker. They will be learning about the travel of sound and then use this to make a miniature speaker for mobile phones. During this project pupils will explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This year they will continue to develop and improve their practical skills and use of a variety of tools within the workshop. This project will run over 12 sessions and include both theory and practical elements.

Textiles / Graphics

Students will be focusing on recycling and reusing. They will be transforming an old item of clothing and making it into new items. Students will then produce merchandise to promote products.