Year 8 Home Learning

Home Learning


Year 8 - Term 5 - Home Learning

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Year 8 - Term 6 - Home Learning

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Home Learning resources can now be found on Microsoft Teams. All students have been given guidance on how to access this and you can also click this link



This timetable can be followed exactly, or as a guide to help you structure your day. There will be some days or times when it might not be possible to complete a full school day- just do the best you can and complete the lessons for each subject in order so that you don’t miss anything.

As well as completing these lessons, you should check your school emails daily as you will receive communication from your teachers about the lessons. You will also be asked to send examples of completed work if you can.

When completing your work, you should try and find a quiet space at a table so that you can fully focus. Low stakes tests should be completed without looking at the answers (remember, this isn’t to catch you out so don’t worry if you get something wrong). If you find the work too difficult or don’t understand something, let your teacher know and they will offer some guidance.

At the start of term 6, you will be issued with a cumulative assessment for most subjects. These will test the knowledge gained during term 5 and help your teachers identifying which topics need to be revisited.

Other activities

Look carefully at the left hand menu. You will see two additional tabs- ‘The Malling School Way’ and ‘Reading And Literacy’.

  • The Malling school Way: use the resources in this tab during tutor time each day. Mr Williams and the Heads of House will provide further guidance.
  • Reading and Literacy: It is important to keep reading for enjoyment, and to expand your vocabulary. Please look at our recommendations under the reading tab and follow the links to free resources. We are also excited to be bringing you the TMS daily read in term 5. A select group of teachers will be reading Charles Dickens’ brilliant novel, ‘Great Expectations’ to you over the term. Each teacher will read you a chapter in their best voices and there will be themes and ideas to consider as we go along.