Year 10 English

Term 6

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Poetry Anthology, Non-Fiction Writing and Speaking and Listening

You will start this term finishing your work on the ‘Power and Conflict’ poetry anthology. It is essential that all of your poems are annotated before we return to school. You will then move on to complete the ‘Finding Your Voice Booklet. You are going to be learning how to express your opinions effectively and you are going to read a brilliant array of non-fiction texts to inspire you.

By the end of the term, you will know how to answer Paper 2, Section B and you will have written your speech for your speaking and listening exam. You will perform these in Term1 of Y11.







English Booklet



English Booklet



English Zoom Lesson

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Week Commencing

To Complete

1st June

Exam, Poppies and The Emigree

8th June

London and assessment

15th June

Finding Your Voice Booklet- Lessons 1 and 2

22nd June

Finding Your Voice Booklet- Lessons 3 and 4

29th June

Finding Your Voice Booklet- Lessons 5 and 6

6th July

Finding Your Voice Booklet- Lessons 7 and 8

13th July

Finding Your Voice Booklet- Lessons 9 and 10



Term 5 

This term you are going to be finishing the poetry anthology. During your four hours of English per week you should:

  1. Complete three lessons in your booklet (per week)
  2. Complete one hour of revision ( A Christmas Carol, Poetry, AQA Language)
  3. Use your term 5 knowledge organiser to learn and revisit key concepts and vocabulary. Make sure that you are testing yourself regularly.
  4. Use your knowledge organisers from earlier in the year to revise key concepts and vocabulary. It is important that you do not forget what you have already learnt.

Every week, your English teacher is going to schedule a live lesson with you. It is important that you attend these if you are able. This will be an opportunity for you to ask questions, explore key parts of the poem you might have misunderstood and develop your interpretations.

READING- You should be aiming for a MINIMUM of 30 minutes of reading per day. Mrs Sherry has uploaded a number of ways that you can access texts if you are running low at home.

Reading is one of the most important things you can do whilst you are at home. It will:

  1. Help you to relax and reduce anxiety
  2. Widen your vocabulary
  3. Help with the accuracy of your writing
  4. Broaden your imagination
  5. Keep you entertained!

Remember, you are going to be tested next year on your knowledge of A Christmas Carol! This is a perfect opportunity to re-read the text!

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Term 5
Anthology Poetry Booklet
Additional Revision
Christmas Carol Revision



English Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

Year 10

  1. Complete the ‘Grasp’ Language Booklet. This will help you to consolidate your knowledge of the language course and guide you through the requirements of each question. Your term 2 knowledge organiser will also help you with this.
  2. Use your knowledge organiser to revise the key elements of ‘A Christmas Carol’.
  3. Use the link below to re-read ‘A Christmas Carol’. While you’re reading make note of key quotations and key plot points. The better you know the text, the better you will do in your Literature exam.


If you have any questions or would like any of the work you complete marked, just email me.

Kind Regards
Mrs E. Allison

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Language Booklet & Wider Reading
Grasp - Language Booklet A Christmas Carol - Wider Reading