Year 10 Maths

Term 6


As we move into term 6 we are all much more familiar with the technology we are needing to use and so all maths interaction will be online.  This is quite simply the best way to deliver maths and as much as I would want to limit the time you spend using a computer it is very difficult to learn new topics by reading about them without the input from a teacher and without the ability to ask questions when you don’t understand.

ALL of your lessons will be live lessons for next term.  Your independent learning will either be completed within the lesson time, set on Hegartymaths completing the quizzes only or a task set through teams.  Your teacher of your live lesson will decide which it is and will inform you during / prior to the lesson.  There could well be a mixture.


Mon 13:30 – 14:30

Tues 13:30 – 14:30

Thur 13:30 – 14:30

The invite to your lessons will continue to be sent out via emails so please make sure you click the link to attend.

10Ga and 10Gb, will be taught by Mr Dmytruk

10Oa and 10Ob, will be taught by Mrs Thompson

10Ta, 10Tb, 10Ma, 10Mb, 10Sa and 10Sb will be taught by Miss Oki






Completion of circle theorems


Expanding double brackets

Plotting quadratic functions


Rearranging formulae

+/-/x/÷ algebraic fractions

Use graphs of quadratic functions

Using quadratic graphs

Factorising quadratics


Simplifying algebraic fractions

Complex +/-/x/÷ algebraic fractions

Solving quadratics

Circumference of a circle




Area of a circle

Area of semi-circles / sectors


Solving equations with algebraic fractions

Volulme and surface area of cylinders


Function notation

Composite functions

Inverse functions

Volume and surface area of pyramids, cones and spheres


Catch up / consolidation

Catch up / consolidation


Those pupils without internet will receive a USB with previous zoom lessons on and printed worksheets to work on.

Any questions do not hesitate to email myself or Mr Maddage

Mrs Sally A Thompson

Director of Mathematics

Term 5 

Year 10, as we are still in this most unusual situation of needing to teach you whilst at home the maths department have been working hard to try to ensure success for you whilst continuing your education.  During term 5 how we teach is going to evolve as the department practises and then uses a way of teaching you live from home.  These lessons will be the closest we can get to being able to give you the experience of being at school and having input with your teacher.

By the start of week 3 you should have received the first email inviting you to a zoom lesson.  These lessons are delivered live and therefore are very powerful in terms of your learning and so your education. It is vital that you regularly check your emails as this is the only form of communication your amazing teachers have with you, I know that the majority of you are, which is fantastic, but with the evolvement of our live lessons it becomes even more important as this is how you access these lessons.  Below are the details you need for the remainder of the term

  • LIVE LESSONS, these are being delivered via zoom, which you may or may not have heard about but it means that you can hear the teacher and see what they are writing on their computers, so therefore as close to a classroom experience as we can get.
  • You will be invited to these lessons by emails – hence the need for you to check your emails, you click the link just before it’s time for the lesson to start and then the teacher will start when they are ready
  • You may not have your class teacher actually teaching you as we have split you into groups so that one teacher can access more pupils.  If you are in 10Ga, or 10Gb Mr Dmytruk will be emailing you, if you are in 10Oa or 10Ob then Mrs Thompson will be emailing you, if you are in any other groups then Miss Oki will be emailing you.
  • Students in the SRP unit will be contacted by the teacher who is delivering your live lesson.  Mr Reed, Mrs Keys and Mrs Mittoo have worked hard in developing a curriculum to support your education and are excited about delivering it to you so please check you emails regularly too.

Don’t forget in addition you also have myself, your class teacher or a learning mentor, if you are lucky enough to have one, on hand to help you, even if we have not delivered your lesson.  We all care about you and your education so do not hesitate to ask for help should you need it.  Any further developments or information will be explained to you during your zoom lessons so please make sure you pay attention and most of all have a positive learning experience.


Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Lesson 1 & 2


Maths Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

In order to support you all in achieving the best grades you are all capable of gaining I have put together some resources for you to use at home.  There are a number of ways in which you can continue to learn and the material I have provided you with, will help you to do so. Below is a description of the various methods to further revise and a link to any materials which support these methods.  In addition, you would need to think about your strategies for revising key facts which you are currently struggling to remember, such as using: flashcards, mind maps, revision mats, posters, post it notes around your room/house…

If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Mrs S. Thompson

Click here to email


By analysing your cumulative assessments, from September, I have identified key areas that requires additional work. 

Year 10 Foundation:

  • Midpoint between 2 coordinates
  • Conversion graphs
  • Drawing linear graphs
  • Gradient of a line
  • Transformation: Reflection, Rotation, Translation
  • Ratio to fractions
  • Ratio problems
  • Probability and sample space diagrams
  • Tree diagrams
  • Pythagoras

Year 10 Higher:

  • Factorise quadratics
  • Expand double brackets
  • Completing the square
  • Solving quadratics
  • Simultaneous equations
  • Product rule for counting
  • Tree diagrams
  • Sample space diagram
  • Venn diagrams
  • Compound interest/reverse percentage
  • Similar shapes
  • Sine and Cosine rule

Please use both Hegarty maths and Corbett maths (links below) to tackle these key topics.


Cumulative Assessments (CA)

Please re-do your CA, I would suggest that you time yourself when doing these, so that you can ensure that you are making perfect use of the time allowed.  Don’t forget the following key points:

  • practising how to check your work – think ‘is my answer logical’, check your calculations, check you have enough working out by looking at the marks the question is worth
  • identify common areas of weakness to further inform your revision
  • practise different coping strategies for completing the exams – working normally from the front to the back, working in reverse if you get tired easily, reading through the whole exam and identify questions you feel really confident with, tackle these and then go back and complete the remaining questions

Note that:

Higher refers to set GA, GB, OA and OB 

Foundation refers to set TA, TB, MA, MB, SA & SB


You can use hegartymaths by

  • completing any outstanding tasks you may have, or new ones your teacher sets
  • Using fix up 5 or memri 
  • Searching your areas of weakness or working on KEY YEAR 10 TOPICS

Hegarty Maths Login


Continue to use any of the websites you are familiar with, these could include; Corbettmaths, maths genie, bbc bitesize, youtube or just good old google.  Also should you have any problems or questions then use the link below to email me and I will endeavour to answer them or get your teacher to contact you directly to help.

General Term 1 (F) with Mark Scheme General Term 1 (H) with Mark Scheme Term 2 (F) with mark scheme
Term 2 (H) with mark scheme Term 3 (F) with mark scheme Term 3 (H) with mark scheme