Year 13 Maths

Term 5 

Work to follow from Thursday 16th April


Maths Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

In order to support you all in achieving the best grades you are capable of despite needing to work from home I have put together some resources for you to use.  You should by now have a good idea how you commit concepts and methods to your long term memory and I suggest that you continue to use those methods.  This could be flashcard, mind maps, revision mats, posters, completing questions, writing out key facts, etc.  In addition to this you must at all times whilst studying use the formula booklet as there are no marks for straining your brain with content you don’t have to remember!! (Ollie)


I have put together a small number of websites and a summary of what is on each of these websites.  I have found some new ones which look pretty good so please make sure that you make good use of them.


One of the links on the website list is a link to past papers with mark schemes.  My suggestion is that you try one of these, in as close to exam conditions that you can, mark it and then use this information alongside you mock exam to identify key areas for revision.


Make sure that you have completed all of the questions in the revision booklets which we have been working through so far.  You can also use these to identify areas for revision once you have marked them.


Use the revision book to look for the hints and helps for key topics during the exam.  These are very handy and will support you a lot in completing concepts and topics which you find more challenging.


In addition to the above you also have the places you go to regularly to revise.  I will have given you a text book so concentrate on the exam style questions if you use that and practise using the GDC (don’t lose it / break it!) by going through the exercise in the back which take you through how to…

If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Mrs S. Thompson

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This weblink is for past papers and mark schemes going back years.  You are best advised to only go back to 2013 as this is when the specification.

You are familiar with this website and so already know how to use it.

This is a new found website which has topic driven exam questions.  You can use your mock exams to identify which areas you are best placed to practise.

Video website which explains all the concepts. Use you mock exam, further exam practise and revision booklets to identify which of these you need to watch and make notes on.