Year 10 Citizenship

Term 5 

This term in Citizenship, you will be finishing your work on Unit D: power and Influence. Each lesson will be available as a pair of worksheets – these will link to some videos to watch and articles to read. I would advise you go through the videos and articles first, taking general notes as you go, then read through the questions on the sheets and see if you need to explore anything in deeper detail. The 1,2,3 sheets are simpler and should be attempted first, then the 3,2,1, which are essay based.

I’ve uploaded marking grids for the essays to assess how well you think you’ve done on each before emailing it to me. Please include the grade you think you’ve achieved on the work you’ve done, as well as the work itself. The best way to learn how to improve essays I by engaging with how they are marked, so please do not skip this.

If you have any questions, please do contact me directly.

Best wishes,

Mr Potter

Term 5
International Organisations-1-5 Revision International Organisations 6-9
Week 3
Lesson 5 Lesson 6
Week 4
Lesson 7 Lesson 8


Citizenship Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

We expect all students to revise all materials already covered from the knowledge organisers. You should also continue to complete and write up your unit E active project. Please also find below ‘revision’ sheets for each topic. I’ve uploaded for unit C, which we have finished covering in class. These are based on watching videos and reading articles online.  Please complete the 123 sheet on each topic, then the 321, which are the essay based ones. If you start working through revision from the beginning of this section please. You can find marking grids to have a go at completing these within your revision as well. After Easter, I’ll be setting specific sheets from section D for you to complete and send work to me. The reflection pack relates to your active project and you should start working through this now.

There is also practice paper for you to attempt.

If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Mr C. Potter

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Citizenship Paper 1
Paper 1 Mark Scheme Paper 1 Practice
Citizenship Paper 2
Paper 2 Mark Scheme Paper 2 Practice


C Revision Law Resource Pack (Zip 10mb)