Year 10 Computer Science

Term 6

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Dear Year 10,

In term 6 we will work from the Computer Systems Unit.

What you need to do to be successful this term:

1. Work through the lessons in order and attempt all of the revision tasks on the first few slides from memory as we would do in lesson. This includes the algorithm questions. 

2. Learn the new material. On some slides you will see a large red box with the word Memory written in it. This means you need to learn the entire content of the slide and be able to write it out from memory. The exact exam board definitions have been used on these slides and are worth a lot of marks and are commonly asked questions.

3. Attempt the exam questions on the slides. Try first from memory and if you need to go back and look at the slides again.

4. Go through the section on the topic in your textbook. I would recommend learning the following pages off by heart as they are worth many marks (read, try and write from memory, check what you missed, repeat until you can do it word for word)

The pages on;

· The CPU (page 2 and 3)

· Memory (page 6)

· System and utility software (page 12- 15)

I will continue to communicate with you via email. Please do contact Mr Evans if you need any additional support or have questions.

All necessary resources are in our Microsoft Teams area and sent via email.

Mr P Maisey

Term 5 

Year 10 lessons will take place on Wednesday at 10.30 on zoom. Invitations will be sent to your email account.

Currently you should all have received the exam questions sent to you via email. These have also been added to the week 2 folder.

Lessons and exam content will be emailed directly to you, so please keep checking your emails.

Please continue to work through the programming challenges in week 1 and 2 folder. Please remember to email your work and thank you and well done to those who have already done so.

After term 3 all lesson materials will be submitted to you through Microsoft teams. I will explain this during next week’s lesson.

Any issues, problems or questions, feel free to contact me,

Mr Maisey

Week 1
Coding Challenges Programming Guide
Hex Lesson 1 Character sets Lesson 2
Week 2
Week 2 Images Programming Challenge
Week 3
Logic Gates and binary adding and subtraction



Computer Science Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

Year 10

Work your way through the algorithms and programming section of the text book. All lessons for this year have also been provided should you wish to look at the computer systems paper we will be covering in the summer.

Also the assessment has been included. Go through it, any questions you cannot answer, refer to your text book and relearn it.


If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Mr P. Maisey

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GCSE Lessons

GCSE Term 1-6
Intro to Python booklet Algorithms - Assessment Coding Challenges Booklet
Term 1 - Algorithms Term 2 - Lists and file handling Term 3 - Computational Thinking
Term 4 - Binary Representation Term 5 - Computer systems Term 6 - Networks