Year 11 Music

Term 5 

Extended Work
If you can’t print them they can just write down the answers in the back of your music booklet.
You don’t need to complete them all.
Instruments of the orchestra worksheets


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Year 11 Music Instructions

Use the checklist you have been given (also in the Music folder) to work through any remaining work you need to complete. Particularly focus on Unit 5 – Introducing Music Performance. For this unit you could be:

  • Making sure the Skills Audit is complete.
  • Identifying targets and explaining why you have chosen these.
  • Creating an action plan detailing the steps you need to go through to ensure you meet each target (think of it like the steps in a recipe; First I need to... then I need to... Etc)
  • Explain why you have chosen your two pieces and how they will help you to evidence meeting your targets. Also explain how they contrast (how are they different?)
  • Choose some technical exercises that will also help you work towards your targets. These could be things like scales in the same key as the piece, which you could play staccato or legato. You could also use the internet to find other technical exercises.
  • Video yourself rehearsing your exercises and your chosen pieces. Make sure it is recorded against a plain background and doesn’t feature other people in the video. Please email me these videos when possible.
  • Write a log for each rehearsal outlining what you did, the strengths of the rehearsal and things you still need to work on. Talk about things within the music you are finding challenging and what you can do to address this. Your videos and logs should match up.
  • Perform your two pieces, videoing the performance. Treat it like a formal performance. Make sure you can be seen clearly – and that all of your instrument can be seen.
  • Evaluate your performances, demonstrating how you have met your targets.

If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Miss E. Cox

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Music Checklist of Work Music Skills Booklet