Year 10 Music

Term 6

All resources and work will be on Teams and Home Learning Booklets have been made and will be posted out.

A Live Zoom lesson will take place on Thursday 4th June to introduce pupils to the new unit of Home Learning work. Following this the live Zoom sessions will become tutorial based catch up sessions once a fortnight, giving pupils an opportunity to meet with me on a one-to-one basis to talk about their work and to ask any questions they might have. Calendar invites to these will be sent out 24 hours before the lesson.

Term 5 

This term you will be learning about British Invasion, Brit Pop and Pop Punk. These are your final genres of music for Component 1. You have a workbook to work through, giving you key information and tasks to do. On top of this work you should still be practising your instrument aiming for at least ten minutes of practise a day. If you are stuck for things to play/sing you could pick a piece that fits into one of these styles of music. You can work through the workbook at your own speed, however I have suggested dividing it up into four sections, based on the three genres of music and the final task.

Part 1 – British Invasion. Read page 2 and do task 1. Read page 3 and do task 2. Complete the listening tasks on page 4.

Part 2 – Brit Pop. Read page 5 and do task 1. Read page 6 and do task 2. Complete the listening tasks on page 7.

Part 3 – Pop Punk. Read page 8 and do task 1. Read page 9 and do task 2. Complete the listening tasks on page 10.

Part 4 – Comparison. Complete page 11 of the workbook, comparing the three genres of music. If you choose to learn a piece from one of these styles, record it.

Week 1-4
Extended Work
If you can’t print them they can just write down the answers in the back of your music booklet.
You don’t need to complete them all.
Instruments of the orchestra worksheets


Indian Workbook Stadium Rock
Blues Music Workbook