Year 8 Music

Term 6

All resources and work will be on Teams and Home Learning Booklets have been made and will be posted out.

Live Zoom lessons will take place during the timetabled Music slot, starting on Tuesday 2nd June, on a fortnightly basis. Calendar invites to these will be sent out 24 hours before the lesson.

These will be short sessions, lasting about 30 minutes and will introduce pupils to the work for that week. It would be useful if pupils could have their Home Learning Workbook with them.

Term 5

This term you will be learning about Film Music. You have a workbook to work through, along with a short PowerPoint. You can work through this at your own speed, however, I have suggested dividing the work into three sections, based on the three lessons you would have this term.

Part 1 – Work through pages 2 and 3 of the workbook, completing the tasks.

Part 2 – Work through pages 4 and 5 of the workbook. You will need the PowerPoint for page 4 as it has a link to a video you need to watch

Part 3 – Work through page 6 of the workbook.

Week 1-4
Extended Work
If you can’t print them they can just write down the answers in the back of your music booklet.
You don’t need to complete them all.
Instruments of the orchestra worksheets