Year 12 Performing Arts

Term 5 

Year 12, it does not look as though we will be able to complete the exam unit this term. BTEC have not said how they are now going to structure next year with both the group performance and the individual performance but as soon as we know we will let you know.

We spoke briefly before we left about looking at a script writing unit as this was something you could all complete individually at home. The assignment brief is attached but it breaks down into three areas.

  1. Research Script Writing – how is it done? Is there a difference when writing for the stage to TV, film, radio etc…. Select three script writers, compare and contrast them and show how they develop their work.
  2. Write a Script – using what you have found out from the research you are expected to write a script for a performance. I am going to suggest you stick with the theme of retelling a traditional fairytale, story, myth or legend (think Kneehigh and what you were doing with Romeo and Juliet).
  3. Keep a log of the skills, techniques, activities you have used. What are your influences? Then evaluate your writing and development.

This is not an easy unit, but then none of them are, I am more than happy to do some Zoom lessons where we can speak through things together e mail me if you think this is something you would like to do.

As I know some of you must be missing the sound of my voice I have put together some videos of the explanations for stages and staging, as well as some key techniques this should help explain some of the stages a little better.

I am currently hoping to get you all access to National Theatre online so that you can watch some theatre whilst you are at home but in the meantime please check out National Theatre on youtube, every Thursday they are showing a play and they are all worth watching. Andrew Lloyd Webber is also streaming some of his most famous shows for a limited time on youtube. This is a fantastic opportunity to watch some of the biggest musicals and plays without having to pay out for actual tickets! If there was a silver lining in this whole thing this is it!

Iplayer have recently put up Emma Rice’s new company’s version of Wise Children, it is amazing and very different to anything you will have seen before. It has some quite mature themes but I recommend that you watch it, Emma Rice is an amazing director and has some really in-genius ideas. Emma Rice was one of Kneehigh’s directors before she left to work at Shakespeare’s Globe, this show is VERY Kneehigh in terms of style and skill, in fact many of the performers are Kneehigh regulars, if you want to know what a Kneehigh show looks like this is pretty much it.

Any problems please e mail me.

Week 1-2

TMS Performing Arts YouTube Channel

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Term 6 

All resources and work will be on Teams and Home Learning Booklets have been made and will be posted out


Performing Arts Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

Year 12

The following sheets will help you make notes and prepare for milestones, whilst we may have started or even finished some in lessons there is still chance to add, develop and edit.

The priority for you is to ensure that we do not lose too much rehearsal/development time on your group chat please continue to share ideas, talk freely about scenes and plan out the complete story. If at all possible film yourselves acting out any scenes you can and share those as well, this will help with the rehearsal and development process.

Any questions or problems please email, if you manage to have a rehearsal together or over video and can share it with me to give feedback that would also be great.

Kind Regards
Mr J. Addis

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Lesson 11 physical approaches to creating a character Lesson 13 character questions