Year 10 Drama

Term 5 

Year 10 by now you should have completed your research on Curious Incident and hopefully The Jungle, if you have not then these should be priority. The last of the three plays we will be looking at is The Lion King. Hopefully you already know a bit about this, but remember this is the musical/stage show not the awesome animated version from 1994 or the terrible ‘live action with nothing live’ recent version. I have put together another checklist to cover everything you will need to research for The Lion King, pictures and diagrams as well as highlighted text is fine.

I know a few of you have asked about the trip to see the show, currently the whole of the West End is shut down and we are taking each day as it comes. I hope we can get to see it, but if we are not able to before this school year ends we will whilst you are in Year 11.

As I know some of you must be missing the sound of my voice I have put together some videos of the explanations for stages and staging, as well as some key techniques this should help explain some of the stages a little better.

I am currently hoping to get you all access to National Theatre online so that you can watch some theatre whilst you are at home but in the meantime please check out National Theatre on youtube, every Thursday they are showing a play and they are all worth watching. Andrew Lloyd Webber is also streaming some of his most famous shows for a limited time on youtube. This is a fantastic opportunity to watch some of the biggest musicals and plays without having to pay out for actual tickets! If there was a silver lining in this whole thing this is it!

Iplayer have recently put up Emma Rice’s new company’s version of Wise Children, it is amazing and very different to anything you will have seen before. It has some quite mature themes but I recommend that you watch it, Emma Rice is an amazing director and has some really in-genius ideas.

Any problems please e mail me.

Week 1-2

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Term 6 

All resources and work will be on Teams and Home Learning Booklets have been made and will be posted out

Drama Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

Year 10

As we did with The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time in class I would like you to research The Jungle. Follow the check list for each area, remember copy and paste is fine so long as you highlight any important or relevant information. Pictures and images, particularly of stage and costume say far more than words will, however you will need to write about them too.

If you have your own folders/books please begin to stick this information in, if you are unable to print at home do not worry save it all and email it to yourself so you can print it at school. I have books/folders for those people that wish to use them.

Any problems please email me.

Kind Regards
Mr J. Addis

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