Year 7 Drama

Term 5 

Year 7 you are going to be looking at Devised Theatre this term, to help you at home there is a powerpoint and workbook you can follow for your three lessons this term. All three lessons are covered in this powerpoint and workbook, remember this isn’t about quantity of work but quality, I am more than happy if you have lots of ideas and change throughout so long as I can see previous ideas as well.

As I know some of you must be missing the sound of my voice I have put together some videos of the explanations for stages and staging, as well as some key techniques this should help explain some of the stages a little better.

I am currently hoping to get you all access to National Theatre online so that you can watch some theatre whilst you are at home but in the meantime please check out National Theatre on youtube, every Thursday they are showing a play and they are all worth watching. Andrew Lloyd Webber is also streaming some of his most famous shows for a limited time on youtube. This is a fantastic opportunity to watch some of the biggest musicals and plays without having to pay out for actual tickets! If there was a silver lining in this whole thing this is it!

Any problems please e mail me. I’m looking forward to seeing some of your ideas come to life.

Week 1-2

TMS Performing Arts YouTube Channel

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Term 6 

All resources and work will be on Teams and Home Learning Booklets have been made and will be posted out

Drama Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

  1. Students should complete all application and challenge tasks not yet completed from their T4 Knowledge Organiser. These are to be completed in your new lime green Home Learning book and will be checked on return to school. 
  2. Students should then revisit their terms 1 to 3 Knowledge Organisers to embed previous areas of weakness through quizzing and self-checking in their home learning book.
  3. Students should then attempt the cumulative assessments, see link below. 

Please use this time to prepare yourself for our next written assessment using your Knowledge Organisers. An area EVERYONE should focus on is the quality of your evaluations, choose a performance you have done recently in lesson and evaluate it following the questions. Remember to use key words related to the topic and to give specific examples.

The Baseline test from the start of the year has been uploaded, along with answers, see how well you perform after nearly four terms of lessons.

If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Mr J. Addis

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Drama Baseline Test Drama Baseline Test Answers Drama Evaluation Practice