Year 13 Sport & Exercise


Term 5

Please use the revision guide for the course and your class notes to complete the worksheets that are attached. You need to complete all of the worksheets before attempting the end of topic test. For the end of topic tests please can you email me a copy so that I can check for great examples and also address any misconceptions.

The worksheets can either be completed and saved on your laptops or written out into your exercise books.

Videos will also continue to be set via the everlearner to embed the learning of unit 2.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me:

Week 1
Task 1
Week 2
Task 1
Wider engagement with PE


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Year 13

You need to be making sure that you are completing independent revision for your upcoming exams.

  • Your unit 1 exam takes place on 8/6/20
  • Your unit 2 exam takes place on 12/6/20

Also in this folder you will find a check list for content for both of the units that you will be sitting. You will also find some powerpoints to help you. We expect by now that most of you have bought you own copies of the revision guide, if not please come and ask us and we will loan you a copy.

Do not forget that if you have any questions you are welcome to email either myself, Mr Burden or Miss King for support.

Emma/Max – you need to keep working on completing your unit 10 section D to review your sessions that you have written. Once you have finished this please can you send it to me.

If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Miss C. Barnes

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BTEC Unit 1 Checklist BTEC Unit 2 Checklist Energy system adaptations
High altitude Unit 1- D Unit 1- Revision for A