Year 11 History

Term 5 

This term in History we will complete the Paper 2 topic – Early Elizabethan England and then focus on revision and exam technique.  I appreciate that not all classes were at the exact same point when we finished school. This may mean that for some classes the first few lessons will be content you have already covered. You will still be expected to complete the lessons – they will act as good revision. There is also exam practice and advice within these which will be beneficial.

Each week two lessons up until Week 3 will be uploaded onto the Home Learning section of the website. After this, you will have finished covering content. These lessons have been designed so that you should only rarely, if ever, need resources outside of the PowerPoint.

  1. You should complete these lessons weekly in the exercise book you have been given.
  2. Where appropriate – give yourself marks and feedback (there will be information in the lessons to help you do this).
  3. Follow the guidance on the lessons about completing homework linked to your Term 5 KO.
  4. Complete the wider reading linked below.
  5. There will also be bridging work for you to complete if you are interested in IB History.

If you have any questions or would like any of the work you have completed to be marked. Please email either myself of your class teacher.

Following Week 3 you should follow the Y11 bridging timetable. If you would like any further support please feel free to contact any of your teachers or myself for guidance.

The History Team wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do next.

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Week 3
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History Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

Guidance for Independent Learning over Easter

You have a range of resources you can use here; you know the areas you are strongest on and those that need to be developed. Make sure you start by focusing on those areas that need the most development.

Suggested itinerary:

  • Complete American West Revision Guide
  • Practice answering one type of each exam question for American West (Explain two consequences, write a narrative account, explain the importance of…)
  • Complete the Elizabethan student booklet

From this you may choose to only do sections of the American West and Elizabeth that you need the most work on.

Guidance for Independent Learning over an extended period

  • Follow the same suggested itinerary as above
  • If you want general overview of all topics complete the GCSE Booklet – All topics
  • If you want more specific details for each topic complete the individual revision booklets.
  • After completing each topic go through the exam questions and answer an exam question that links to the topic area that you have covered.

Remember you have access to your knowledge organisers – these can help you with additional content and also contain additional exam questions that you can practice. - This is an excellent website for revision which includes content, exam questions you can practice and exam walkthrough for all four topics that we study. – useful series on yourtube about Elizabeth – useful videos about the American West Paper


If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Miss A. Goren

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Exam Questions & Mark Schemes Paper 1 - Medicine Through Time Revision Guide
Paper 2 American West Guide Paper 2 - Elizabethan England - STUDENT BOOKLET
Paper 2 Elizabethan England - ANSWER BOOKLET Paper 3 - Nazi Germany Revision Guide


Extra Reading

If you wish to develop your history knowledge further, please read the following text. You can also use the internet to research this topic furtherif you wish to develop your history knowledge further, please read the following text. You can also use the internet to research this topic further.

Enriched Learning History Year 10 and Year 11 - Hossbach Memorandum