Year 13 History

History Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

Guidance for Independent Learning

Standard level students should aim to complete 1-2 hours revision per day during holiday time.  For Higher level 2 hours should be the standard.  Please plan your revision around the below guidance:

Higher Level

Complete any and all outstanding reading for the American Civil War and Civil Rights and the Americas books.

Complete at least one full 15 mark question from the practice examination questions in each text book.  I will be available to give feedback on these through e-mail.

Please also see the standard level advice below

Standard Level

Use the revision checklist to rate your current level of understanding of every sub-topic area as we have been doing in lessons.  Concentrate revision on those areas you have rated red and amber.  Remember to select key information and concentrate this into note form rather than attempting to memorise every aspect of a chapter.  Use the Vernon Lewis method to consolidate your understanding and test yourself regularly.

Prioritise Paper 2 topics

Although practicing exam questions is useful and you should write at least one full essay in preparation, it would be more productive to plan answers to essay questions in your course text books than to write lots of essays.  I will be happy to feedback on both plans and essays by e-mail.

There is also access to inthinking where you can complete tasks and view support for each of the topics that you look at.


If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Miss A. Goren

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