Year 7 Social Sciences

Term 6

All home learning will now be set on Microsoft TEAMS

Please visit the Social Science TEAM for the latest files and information.

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All home learning sessions for social sciences will now be deliver via teams, please check your class team for your resources.

A live zoom session will take place at 13:30 every Thursday, you will be invited to this via email and your calendar.

These will be short sessions with Mr Potter to introduce the learning for the day and answer any questions you might have.

If you need any support or guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks,

Mr Potter

Term 5 

This term in Social Sciences, you will be covering the British Value of Democracy. Each lesson will be available as a powerpoint. Open it up and follow the lesson through. Each will start with a low stakes test based on your knowledge organiser, followed by the answers to check your knowledge organiser work. Some slides will have information to read and questions for you to answer in your home learning book, others will have videos to watch and questions to answer. There will also be some slides with different tasks to help you explore the topic. Toward the end of each lesson will be a series of comprehension and application questions, as well as information on how to assess these at home, and some given answers for your to mark (with the scores revealed) before assessing your own. Each powerpoint will also tell you which section of your knowledge organiser to revise from next.

If you have any questions, please do contact your class teacher, or myself.

Best wishes,

Mr Potter

Lesson 1 (WK1) Lesson 2 (WK2)
Lesson 3 (WK3) Lesson 4 (WK4)
Lesson 5 (WK5)  


Social Sciences Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

  1. Students should complete all application and challenge tasks not yet completed from their T4 Knowledge Organiser. These are to be completed in your new lime green Home Learning book and will be checked on return to school. 
  2. Students should then revisit their terms 1 to 3 Knowledge Organisers to embed previous areas of weakness through quizzing and self-checking in their home learning book.
  3. Students should then complete the revision and comprehension tasks on the Y7 Social Sciences sheet, see link below.
  4. Students should then attempt the cumulative assessments, see link below. 

If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Mr C. Potter

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Term 1 - 4 KO's
Social Sciences Sheet
Cumulative Assessment Cumulative Mark Scheme