The Malling School Way

The Malling School Way is important.

It is the foundation of our school and something that we should all be very proud of.
The Malling School Way means different things to different people.
Our own students and staff have said what it means to them:


It means being kind and respectful to other pupils around you. 
It means being punctual and taking pride in your work. 
It means taking pride in your appearance and always looking smart. 
It means being polite and always saying good morning or good afternoon, smiling at others and holding doors open for others. 
It means always doing your best. 
It means always making progress, working as a team, being loyal and being supported to be successful. 
It means demonstrating high standards and being the best person you can be in every lesson, every day. 
It means having good values and developing physically and mentally and not just about getting good grades but becoming a better person. 
It means being a risk taker, taking pride in our school and being confident.
It means taking on challenges and learning from your mistakes so that you can become a better person. 
It means thinking about other people and always being considerate. 
It means having high expectations of yourself and high expectations of the school.

This is The Malling School Way


Term 6 Personal Development

‘The Malling School Way’
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