Year 9 PE

Term 6

All home learning will now be set on Microsoft TEAMS

Please visit the PE TEAM for the latest files and information.

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This term you will continue to be set work based around fitness and measuring fitness levels. This work will allow you to deepen your knowledge and understanding of your own fitness and serve as a starting point for you to begin to research in to how to improve your own levels. Each week you will be set a powerpoint to complete and online tutorials and tests via


PE & HSC Live Lesson Template


Term 5

You should have all received an email from Miss Barnes regarding access to a site called The Everlearner. This is a specific platform that allows us to set and test learning for your year group. Each week you will be set videos and quizzes on here. In order to access the account please use the following steps

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the tab that says your account
  3. Enter your school email and your password should be set to Password (remember the capital letter). If this is successful go to step 7.
  4. If that doesn’t work then Click on forgot password
  5. Enter your school email address.
  6. Allow time for the email to come through, then use this password to log in.
  7. Once in the site if you click on assignments you will see what you have been set to watch and complete for that week.

If you have tried all of the above and it doesn’t work then please email me and I will resolve the issue for you.

Your progress through each of the videos will be tracked and sent to me, as will your scores on the tests that you complete.

Also included are powerpoints to make notes on the relevant components of fitness power points with the corresponding weeks. These include questions and worksheets to keep track of your current learning. These should be used alongside the everlearning page where you should be working through the videos, checklists and tests on the components of fitness. Feel free to go back to slides as tools for revision for when completing tests online.

Additionally, should you have any questions please email me

Week 1 & 2
Wider engagement with PE

Start by reading through the power point in the link below. Once you have read through the power point and made any notes that you feel you need to then please log on to your everlearner page using the details you were given previously. Once you are on the everlearner page you will find the videos that you have been set for this week, watch the videos first before you attempt the tests and the check points.

You have been re set videos that you would have seen in weeks one and two, however we would like you to keep going until you receive at least 90% in each test that you have attempted. Data is sent to us to see how you are getting on. Follow us on twitter for updates about who is completing the most tasks and who is scoring highest. @MallingPe

We hope you are managing to find time after your allocated school day to walk and complete your daily exercise.

Week 3

Use the powerpoint presented to familiarise yourselves with exercise intensity and how we can measure it. Make notes and complete any tasks and questions pointed out on the slides. After you have completed this there is tasks to follow on your everlearning page which you can work through. Any work you want checked you may send to me by email.

Week 4


PE Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

  1. Students should complete all application and challenge tasks not yet completed from their T4 Knowledge Organiser. These are to be completed in your new lime green Home Learning book and will be checked on return to school. 
  2. Students should then revisit their terms 1 to 3 Knowledge Organisers to embed previous areas of weakness through quizzing and self-checking in their home learning book.
  3. Students can then also improve their knowledge and understanding of key areas of health and fitness by using the link below and quizzing.

If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Miss C. Barnes

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