Year 12 Vocational

Term 5 

Work to follow from Thursday 16th April


Vocational Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

Whilst you are not in school there is work for you to complete at home: 

I will mark your work and return it to you with any corrections that you might have, please ensure that you add your name, the level of the course and the unit/ question number to any work you send over for marking.

If you are unsure of what work you are expected to do - email me straight away.

Kind Regards

Mrs H. Cable

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Functional Maths 

Use Heggarty maths (units will be set up for them to complete).

Year 12 Maths retake group

Hegarty maths and you will be issued with past papers to complete.

Year 12 Vocational Art students 

Continue with coursework as per their examination criteria.

Year 12 Workskills

Your units are on the school website sixth form- vocational programme- sixth form curriculum.

Year 12 Functional English groups 

For Edexcel Functional Skills: A useful downloadable handout to use alongside practise papers Practise papers