Year 13 IB Film Studies

Term 5 

Work to follow from Thursday 16th April


IB Film Studies Home Learning Page Monday 23rd March - 16th April

13 IB Film Studies

Mr Cass and Mrs Finlay will be in email contact with you throughout. Here are the deadlines for each of the four assessed pieces. We expect you to be in contact with us regularly so we can give you feedback.

All work needs to be fully formatted to upload to IB website. All video files need to be MP4s and not exceed 500mb limit.

15th April

  • Upload production portfolio film reel and nine pages of production portfolio write up and full list of sources. (It should be a continuous reel with a 10 second black slate before each film role. The black slate needs your film role and the name of the film/s and how long each one is.)
  • Collaborative project film (needs a ten second black slate at beginning with 50 word log-line introducing film). 2000 word write up divided into creative role and collaborative work in core team and full list of sources.

25th April

  • 1,750 word textual analysis with full list of sources. And a signed 6/CAF form. Contact LFi for notes.
  • Ten minute comparative project plus a word document with a full list of sources. This requires a ten second black slate with your title, names of the two films and your critical focus (eg gender, or psychoanalysis, or horror genre)  Contact LFi for notes.

If you need any support or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Cass and Mrs Finlay

Kind Regards
Mr J. Cass

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