Year 12 Music

Term 6

Zoom sessions will be tutorial based, with opportunities for pupils to seek feedback on their work, to ask any questions and to show what they have completed. These may also include short skills development sessions from staff linked to the storytelling unit with ideas about how to develop their performance. Calendar invites to these will be sent out 24 hours before the lesson. The first will take place on Thursday 4th June.

Term 5

Hello Year 12’s.

You will be doing one unit with me, and one with Mr Addis this term. These are both internally assessed units, that we mark.

For the Storytelling unit I have included the assignment brief so you can see how the unit is assessed. Make sure you read the Distinction criteria clearly, as you should all be able to achieve this.

You should also all have a workbook. The workbook contains all of the instructions. You can approach it however you wish, however, my suggestion would be as follows:

Week 1 – Read the assignment brief and the workbook through so you understand what you have to do. Complete the tasks on page 2 and carry out the research into one of the three stories

Week 2 – Do the second and third stories and the comparison

Week 3 – Pg 6, 7 and 8

Week 4 – Pg 9 and 10

Week 5 – Pg 11 and 12

Feel free to email me through any work to look at, if you would like.

Elaine Cox

Subject Leader Performing Arts

Storytelling Workbook Unit-29-Authorised-Assignment-Brief-for-Learning-Aim-A-B-C-and-D