School Menu Choices

At The Malling School we very proud of our catering team and the lovely food that they produce.

During this difficult time, we have to observe the DfE guidance on meal delivery and to enable us to do this, are taking pre-orders for a week at a time only.

The following instructions will enable you to do this

  • The ordering sheet will be available from Wednesday mornings to Sunday evening ONLY
  • If your child is entitled to free school meals please indicate this on the sheet – we are providing for all free school meals children
  • Unfortunately, as it is a temporary system, we cannot provide any confirmation of what is ordered so please save your preferences
  • Please ensure that your child is aware everyday of the fact that you have ordered them food, which break it is for and what it is. We will endeavour to remind them but this is not guaranteed

We really appreciate your patience with us at this time and hope that your child continues to enjoy their meals with hus

The offer available is a meal deal for the price of £2.70 per day, payable in advance.

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