Supporting Transition

At The Malling School we are committed to ensuring the transition from primary to secondary school is a happy, exciting and smooth one. We want your child to feel they know the school, teachers and students before September and have an established packed transition programme in place to ensure they feel part of The Malling School from the moment they hear their application has been successful.

As I’m sure you can appreciate, organising a successful transition process this year was a challenge as we could not hold many of our usual events such as visiting pupils in all our feeder schools, or hosting big events on site such as our induction evening and induction day.

We adapted and were able to offer the following:

  • Each of our 25 feeder schools had the opportunity to met with the transition coordinator and our SENCO via ZOOM to personally discuss each of our new joining students enabling us to gain key information to support students on arrival at The Malling School.


  • To help students start to familiarise themselves with our school we recorded an introduction transition video with key staff that were on hand to support their transition and key information for parents and students about our school.


  • Our new students received a transition knowledge organiser and home learning book so that students could start learning the topics they would be taught in September. We have displayed the work they have produced and rewarded pupils for excellence.


  • Due to the cancellation of our induction day, students were supported by a phone call home from their new form tutor and a virtual tour of our school.



  • Finally, we offered a COVID secure summer school which saw 132 of our new students completed a week of fun activities onsite with their new teachers.






In addition to the above we worked with primary schools to identify any students that needed extra transition support and during lock down arranged tours of our school, additional parental meetings and offered zoom meetings with key staff that would be supporting students in September, while sending weekly email updates to all parents and carers.

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