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Accessing Office 365 and Student Email

All Staff & Students can now access Office 365 and their Email using the link below.


You will not be asked to login to Office 365 when accessing it from a school computer,
however when you are accessing it from home or on a mobile device, you will need to
enter your school email address in the following way along with your normal school password:

Other Useful Links:


Dynamic Learning Online

Accelerated Reader: Quizzing Online

Eclipse Online V2 - search the library catalogue (Requires IE & Silverlight)
‘The Day’ - online newspaper for schools - check if a book is in Accelerated Reader
HomeConnect - view your child’s progress in Accelerated Reader
Essential Articles Online

Read for My School - Login details below 
The classroom code is: 693631

Wheelers eBook Portal - Log in with your school email address and your IPN / Print Code. 

Pupil Username (your set followed by your initials)  i.e. 7G Joe Bloggs = 7GJB
Password (Malling) followed by your initials i.e. Joe Bloggs + MallingJB


Android Certificate download