Standards and Achievement


Pupil outcomes 2017-18
  2017 Outcomes
Whole Cohort Pupil Premium
Percentage >=5 4+ incl. Eng & Maths 35.8 29
Basics (4+ Eng & Maths) 41.6 35
Basics (5+ Eng & Maths) 20 16.1
Percentage EBACC 5.8 3
Attainment 8 Overall Ave grade 3.6 3.2
Progress 8 -0.35 -0.45
Percentage Pass rate for IBCP 100 100
Percentage School Attendance (Y7-Y11) 94.1 91.3
Percentage School Attendance (Y12 & 13) 89.5 80

Key Stage 4

In the last four years attainment at The Malling School has been following an upward trend with outcomes rising faster than those nationally. This is despite successive cohorts having lower ability on entry to the school.

The progress made by pupils between entering and leaving The Malling School has always been excellent, with pupils making more than expected progress in the majority of their subjects. This means that the school has a Value Added significantly above the national average and regularly in the top 20% of all schools nationally. The school has Leading Edge status in recognition of this feature.

Over the past four years there has been a clear closing of the gap for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Key Stage 5

Pupils who undertake Applied General qualifications are making above National levels of progress and attaining at the highest grades. Overall attainment is increasing across Key Stage 5, and from 2017 all pupils will be sitting the International Baccalaureate Careers Programme (IBCP). This qualification will combine academic learning with a high quality vocational pathway. In 2016 all students who applied for University attained places at the institution that they wished to attend. All other students were accepted into further education, training or employment.