At The Malling School we are committed to ensuring the transition from primary to secondary school is a happy, exciting and smooth one. We want your child to feel they know the school, teachers and students before September and have an established packed transition programme in place to ensure they feel part of The Malling School from the moment they hear their application has been successful.

For pupil transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3, the school’s procedure is as follows:

  • In April you will be invited to bring your child to The Malling School for an interview where you will meet one of the four Vice Principals or our Transition coordinator, complete the necessary paperwork for admission and discuss any concerns you might have.
  • From April onwards we will visit all our feeder primary schools to meet teachers and pupils and discuss their needs.
  • In July we will hold an induction day and evening at The Malling School. This will be a day full of activities and taster lessons. Students will meet their form group, find out who their tutor is and receive a photograph of the students in their form to take home. The evening session is for students and their parents and will involve speeches from the Principal and meeting key members of staff.
  • Every year we hold a five day summer school for our new students. We provide many activities to boost confidence, increase social skills and provide a fun learning experience. This year we will be offering two sessions: our Transition Troop will focus on social skills, team building tasks and boosting levels 3-4 and 4-5 in literacy and numeracy and our Accelerated Learners will push our level 5 students to level 6. Watch this space for more details about summer camp 2013.

We are very happy that you have chosen The Malling School and look forward to meeting you soon.