About Us

About Us


Caring, Determined, Reflective

Our Vision

To transform lives by providing opportunities for all pupils to achieve their maximum potential in a happy, safe and inclusive environment.

Our Mission

The Malling School aims to be an aspirational school that develops the resilience, curiosity, confidence and creativity of our students, to enable them to become independent motivated and compassionate life-long learners. We aim to provide opportunities for our students to flourish in a diverse, competitive and ever-changing global setting. We will encourage our students to take responsibility for their own learning and take every opportunity to actively engage with the wider international community.

Inspiration at The Malling School

At The Malling School our teachers are passionate about their subjects and share that enthusiasm with their students.  Whilst following the national curriculum we allow ourselves the freedom, occasionally, to step outside the rigours of the timetable and pursue learning and investigation for its own sake. 

Achieving Excellence at The Malling School

At The Malling School we have high expectations of all of our students.  This means that they are stretched to aim for places at top universities, to become elite sportsmen and women or to pursue successful careers with major corporations.  Our students enjoy real-world learning opportunities, learning for self- development, career potential and real jobs.
"My child has made excellent progress in all areas since joining this school.  It has benefitted him not only academically but also socially."  Parent, 2021

Harmony at The Malling School

Our high standards mean that behaviour is excellent at The Malling School and we are unashamedly proud and pleased with that fact.
Relationships between staff and students at The Malling School are strong, founded on mutual respect and understanding.  Our students thrive in a safe and cohesive atmosphere.  They make exceptional progress in a supportive environment conducive to learning.
Our students tell us they are happy at school.

The Malling School Culture

The Malling School enjoys a peaceful, village location and we are very much a part of our community.
We also seek to broaden our students’ horizons with frequent opportunities to explore the wider world through cultural visits and exchanges. There is an annual skiing trip, European exchanges, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and World Challenge. Closer to home, we put on a range of renowned musical and theatrical productions as well as concerts by the school orchestra. Singers from The Malling School play a major part in the annual Voice in a Million project.

The Malling School Values

Our school is built on traditional values where mutual respect is developed between students and staff. We expect students to be polite and courteous and to take a pride in their work and their school. This is what we call ‘The Malling School Way’.

The Malling School Ethos

At The Malling School we believe in traditional values, especially respect for others. Every child is treated as an individual. Our teaching and support staff know their students well and care about their achievements. They have both their students' academic progress as well as their wellbeing at heart.
Whether your child is gifted and talented or in need of a little support, our school community will nurture their development until they are ready to exceed even your expectations.
The needs of all students are met with excellent specialist support in all areas.

Financial information

Number of employees who have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more = 1
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