Alfred Newick

Alfie Joined the Malling School in 2011 and left in 2019.

At the end of year 11 he decided he would like to remain in school to do the Vocational Programme. Alfie achieved a number of Level 2 qualifications and even took part in a six week chef programme in conjunction with Mid Kent College, which ended in a Burns Night Celebration.

Alfie remained with us in Year 14 and alongside his Level 2 qualification in Hospitality and Catering he embarked on a Supported Internship programme at The Wateringbury Hotel. Alfie was so successful that he was offered employment there. 3 Years later he is still loving his job.

‘I am now a dessert chief and pot wash here. I have been through some great times working with my team here for example working Christmas Day is always a laugh and after work is always a good time to unwind with my colleagues’


Rhys Wesson

Rhys studied at the Malling School between 2007 & 2012

‘So I left school and to be fair I didn't do great on my grades I left school with highest grade of a C in English with dyslexia I found it hard to learn English. My greatest love was music I played drums and Miss Cox was a big support letting me book the practice room out nearly every break time

I went to college and studied Music performance and theory I went on to record an EP of 5 tracks and did a mini tour of Kent.

I went on to work at HMV and became music floor leader and a supervisor and face of the company for selling loyalty cards, within a year of starting I made many of my life -long friends there and took my knowledge and experience to go on to be management for W.H.Smiths and only at the age of 23.

 I am living proof that not all grades can hold you back and if you want it enough anyone can be successful not matter what you need the right mindset.

The Malling school was the best and worst days of my life (as I just wanted to play music) but helped me get onto the right path to where I wanted to be.’

Becky Higgins

My name is Becky I was a student at the Malling School from year 7 to year 12. For my GCSEs I took the usual suspects English, English Lit, Maths and both Sciences. I chose to take on top of those child development and IT. I was not the best at taking exams and the school helped me in everyway to achieve the GCSEs that I got. They offered extra study sessions and the pastoral care that I needed to keep focused on the end goal.  I always kept my options open for future learning and career development. I knew I didn't want to stray too far away from what I knew and the support system I had at the school let alone friends. So I decided to complete my sixth form years at the school and it was great fun! (Can't tell you the antics we got up to!!)

We had a really good group around us and lots of support from the school staff. Everyone was always willing to help. I completed my level 3 in health and social care. This was mainly coursework based which was perfect for me and the School knew that as to be honest exams scare me. I think all things medical are fascinating and the world of nursing gives you so many career options. You could work nearly anywhere in nursing from cruise ships, hospitals, community or the Army. I decided this was the career for me with the support of the teaching staff applied to Canterbury Christ Church University to complete a three year degree in Adult Nursing Bsc.

I completed my Adult nursing degree and successfully got my first job on an elective/trauma orthopaedic unit. I started as a band 5 staff nurse looking after people with fractures or having their joints replaced. Trust me in orthopaedics you see some interesting fractures that come along with stories that stay with you for life. I progressed to a band 6 Junior Sister within my first two years of qualifying which was a big achievement. In this role I now had the opportunity to improve the service and help with the day to day running of the ward.

I decided I needed a career change after six years of working in orthopaedics and made crazy decision to move to a respiratory ward. Madness I know!  I worked there also as a band 6 and got the opportunity to learn about ventilation, chest drains and tracheotomy care. This was scary at first but the best decision I have ever made. Just prior to the COVID beginning in the UK the opportunity arose for a band 7 Ward Managers position to help with the winter patient flow of the hospital.  I took this opportunity and ran with it. Running a ward has been my dream job since I got into nursing. To have a team that work with you and see the vision for excellent care that you share it is a great feeling at work everyday.

Since that job I ran a COVID ward and then ran an acute respiratory COVID ward where we cared for patients on non invasive ventilation (CPAP). This was mine and my teams proudest moment we worked well and gave a high standard of care to acutely unwell patients. The trust has recognised us for this and one of my team has been mentioned in news articles and been filmed by KMTV #proud! I myself have even been award the winter hero and employee of the month throughout the emergency and specialist care division which is overwhelming.

I am now back on my regular ward which is general medicine. To this day I am very proud of my Navy blue uniform and how far I have come in such little time. I am 29 and I am running a 22 bedded medical ward with a fantastic team standing alongside me. The Malling school taught me how to lots of life skills that I didn't see at the time. They taught me to always have a support network around you and to work hard to achieve your goals. I love everyday of my job and my career without the support and care from The Malling school I would not been here today. They were the ones that started this journey for me and its been a hell of a ride.   


Jade Howlett

Since leaving The Malling School, my journey has continued with education. I achieved A levels in English Language, Politics and Economics and an AS in Maths. My choices for A Levels inspired my decision to go to University to study Politics and Economics as we are in such a critical time in our political and economic history. I attained a BA in Politics and Economics from the University of Reading in 2020 and since then my career has come to a slight halt due to the pandemic. When I left university, we were in a national lockdown, and as you know, businesses had closed and the opportunities were minimal, especially for someone who had just finished a degree and had little experience.

I finally managed to get a job in December at the Entertainer in Maidstone, but due to another lockdown I was unable to take this opportunity further. I currently work at a Tesco’s warehouse which has enabled me to gain many experiences and skills, but it is not what I wish to do for a career. My ultimate goal, and if all goes to plan, is to become a teacher and hopefully help students to enjoy school and gain the positive experience’s that I did while at school. So hopefully as of September 2021, I will be pursuing a teaching apprenticeship.

Lizzy Pennington

Since leaving secondary school I have worked on my health and social care and got into the care industry. I started off getting a childcare apprenticeship which I passed at level 2. When my apprenticeship came to an end it made me want to experience other opportunities within the care world and broaden my horizons. I got asked by so many new employers why I have made the big jump from childcare to adult care I told them I wanted to extend, care and assist those that need it and who may need a friend, telling them I had help and support throughout my life and I wanted to give it back.

 I finally got a job within adult care in the community where I got onto doing another apprenticeship and getting a level 3 diploma in Adult care. Where I have be working within the community of adult care for about 3 years. Doing this diploma has opened more doors for me and has given me more knowledge to add to what I already know. The apprenticeship was based on the service users that I cared for which means my options of my diploma could be on dementia, with doing the core units of the apprenticeship too, I found it great learning while being paid and doing what I love!

This then led me to become a 1.1 carer with the first care company I worked for.  I was thinking of leaving job before working with this individual it opened my eyes and made me realise, I wanted more for myself and that I wanted to become a dementia nurse.  I applied for University, was so stressful to go through but I did it I never thought I could do it, I shocked myself. I got an offer on the course that I picked, Mental health nursing, they gave me the opportunity to fulfil my dreams. They placed me on the foundation year which is coming to an end in May. Once I pass my foundation year, I am on the full degree course to my further steps in the care industry.

Being the foundation year, has one downside that is having another year to my studies but, it was so worth it. If you are thinking of going to university and they offer you a foundation year,you accept that, you then have your ticket on the plane as my lecturer says, onto the degree you want to do.  I then hopefully all going well will then graduate in 2024. I will be 25/26 years of age!

If I could go back to my secondary school younger self, there is so much I would tell myself first that would probably be teachers are not there to be against you so work with them, they will help and support you if you are nice to them. If you knuckle down now, you’ll achieve so much and will become what you have your heart desired on if you let yourself believe.


Ex Malling School Pupil 2013- 2016
Lizzy Pennington

Tom Howard

Tom was a student at The Malling School between 2010 and 2017

Tom joined the vocational programme in year 12 and achieved some great Level 2 qualifications after his GCSEs.

"So where do I begin?
Well I started my job through work experience whilst at sixth form. As I was there a lifeguard course was going on so I put my name down and passed. Since then I was a casual became a part timer now full time. Did go for a higher role (twice) but unsuccessful but still trying.

During the year 2020 I work was redeployed to Chessington covid test centre where I would make test kits, guide cars and help people with their tests. I became a supervisor there which meant I was in charge who goes where and to deal with any customers that would have any issues. I left in December 2020 as they were moving to Croydon so I could not continue.

I returned to my job at the Leisure Centre on Monday 12th April."

Owen Cleugh

I stayed on at TMS and carried out my IB course. At the end I was still unsure of exactly the career I wanted. I knew it was a huge decision that would have an impact on the rest of my life. After a sudden flash of inspiration, I decided the way forward for me was in horticulture. I had a passion for herbal remedies and an interest in saving the planet and horticulture ticked all these boxes. Luckily, it was a few weeks before my nineteenth birthday and I applied to Hadlow college and got a place.

Whilst I was at college. I continued to work part-time as a pot washer at the Butchers Block. This is a part-time job I have had since I was 16. I also took one summer holiday out to travel around festivals working as a barman.

Unfortunately, during my time at college, the world was in the grips of a pandemic. However, I was lucky enough to get a part-time job with Age UK as a gardener, whilst still attending college and being on furlough from the Butchers Block.

I have just finished college (June 2021), and landed a dream job at an RHS affiliated garden. I hope to gain lots of experience and at a later date go to university and become big in the world of horticulture.


We are incredibly proud of our alumni and would like to share their successes with you.

The 2023 Cohort

We take immense pride in the accomplishments of our students, who have successfully gained admission to various prestigious universities, including Durham, the University of Nottingham, the University of Southampton, Coventry University, and the University of Law.

A standout achievement from this year involves one of our students securing an interview at Cambridge for English Literature. Remarkably, this student was enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP), adding an extra layer of significance to her accomplishment.

Additionally, another student, pursuing Law in London, achieved a first-class grade in her first semester, showcasing exceptional dedication and academic prowess.

As our alumni embark on their respective journeys, we extend our heartfelt wishes for success. We are confident that they will realise their full potential and achieve the aspirations they have set for themselves.

The 2022 Cohort

In 2022, a significant number of our students successfully advanced to further education across 20 diverse universities. Notable institutions included the London School of Economics, Newcastle University, University of Nottingham, University of York, and the University of Bath.

The academic landscape witnessed the enrollment in intriguing courses for the year, featuring options like International Business Management with Professional Golfing, Outdoor Adventure Education, and Ancient History and Archaeology. These additions contributed to the already expansive array of subjects chosen in previous years.