Are you an Employer?


Here at The Malling School we know how valuable it is for our students to have positive and worthwhile experiences with employers like you.


Join us for our careers events

We have events throughout the year when we are always seeking employers to come along and support us.

We organise big events here at school like our Mock Interview day and Careers Fair however we are always looking for employers to come in to give assemblies/inspirational talks, speak to students and parents, become a mentor and offer group works to students who are interested in your specific industry.

We are always hugely appreciative of employers giving up their time to come in and will look after you well while you are in school with us. We want to build lasting relationships with you so you return to us time and time again.

If you are unable to come to us, then we could come to you! It can be inspiring for our students to see for themselves what goes on in the work place. It can help them consider job roles that they had never thought of before and can truly change the course of their lives.

We are also open to ideas about how you think you would be able to engage with us as a school. We want to make things easy for you to engage with us, so just let us know what you are able to offer.

How does engaging with us benefit you? Staff and parents are made aware of your involvement and this can be great advertising for your company. You could come across some fantastically talented future recruits without any searching via agencies. You will also gain a great deal of social economic kudos by investing in our local young people who are so in need of such opportunities.


Work Experience

Could your company offer a young person the chance to gain those vital skills they need to get them a step ahead? Employers are always telling me that they want students who are “work ready”. They need students with those “soft skills” who are able to fit into a work environment immediately. But how do our students gain those skills without work experience? It can be extremely difficult to find employers who are willing to offer young people the opportunity of work experience because employers think there are barriers but at TMS we are keen to overcome any concerns you have about taking on a young person for work experience

It can be extremely rewarding to see a young person bloom and grow in confidence as they work with you and remember that they can be handy to have around! You benefit from them too! Our young people have skills you might not have considered. They are often extremely IT savvy and have the ability to think outside the box if you need ideas to modernise your business. How the work experience takes place can be driven by you. We know businesses have times of the year when it is just not possible to find the time to take someone on, so we can be flexible. It doesn’t have to be in the traditional one or two week block, the placement can be timetabled according to what suits you and your business. It could be anything from a half day of work shadowing experience, to a six week block of one day a week visits to help with a particular project. If you think you could offer a young person the opportunity of a lifetime that could change the course of their career, then please contact


Local employers are so important to us

Many of our students want to work in Kent once they leave school but end up moving away because they do not know about the opportunities available to them right on their doorstep. Local labour market information tells us that certain industries are booming in Kent but we need to get this message across to our young people who are our future work force. You can be part of this by working with us.


Closing statement

We look forward to building mutually beneficial relationships with you and your business. Our aim is to provide engaging and impactful encounters for both you and our students.

If you’d like to be involved in one (or more) of our events or if you have ideas of how we could work together then please click here to contact Angela Willis. 


Gatsby Benchmark criteria

When we work with employers we are able to meet the following guidelines;

Gatsby Benchmark 5 – Encounters with employers and employees – Events, visits, work experience

Gatsby Benchmark 6 – Experiences of workplaces – Visits to premises and work experience

Gatsby Benchmark 2 – Learning from career and labour market information – Having knowledge of local LMI and the opportunities in the current local labour market by talking with employers at events, visits, while on WEx

Gatsby Benchmark 3 - Addressing the needs of each pupil – Inviting in specific employers who suit the needs of our students. Tailor made careers provision. Identifying what students are interested in then contacting specific employers to match this, making the encounter relevant and engaging.