British Values

The Government set out its definition of British Values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy and considered the five key areas to be:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

At The Malling School we recognise the importance of our students flourishing and having high aspirational academic achievements. We also embrace the need for Cultural Capital, preparing our students for adult life and the diverse communities in which they will live and work.


The principles of democracy are explored in a variety of subject areas including History and Ethics.  This is also a focus of period one and through assemblies.

The democratic process is employed for important decisions within the school community such as choosing Head students and student voice representatives.

The Rule of Law

This is consistently reinforced through the school day with the implementation of the SWAT and reward systems.

Rights and responsibilities are addressed through period one, Ethics and PHSE lessons, this is strengthened by a number of presentations from outside agencies including the Police and Fire Service.

Individual Liberty

We encourage students to make independent choices within a safe environment.

Assemblies, PHSE and Period One allow for discussions allowing safe informed choices to be made.

The Malling School follows clear behavioural  and anti-bullying policies.

Mutual Respect

The school values and ethos have respect at its core and this is modelled by both staff and students.

Students are taught through Assemblies, Period One and many subject areas that all behaviours have an impact upon others.


Through our themed Assemblies, Period One and PHSE our students are encouraged to understand that they all have a place within our culturally diverse society.

A Broad range of extra-curricular activities and trips abroad offer a valuable insight into other cultures and languages.