“What ever happens in the future, the  rich and unrivalled history of the English language deserves to be lauded, it’s story to be told”.

Joseph Piercy


Great literature is celebrated around the world and is at the heart of our curriculum at The Malling School. Excellent texts are the lens through which students begin to understand themselves and explore the world around them. Students want to be challenged and always rise to that challenge. Literature is the vehicle through which we give our students the tools to communicate with subtlety and precision in the written and spoken forms.


We will cultivate a love of English language and literature from the beginning. Students revel in the opportunities for deep thinking and discussions that arise from the study of excellent texts. Because we frame our curriculum through universal big ideas, such as gender, bigotry and hubris, we open up a deep connection and appreciation between the words on the page and the world in which they live. We will instil a love of language in our students so that they are empowered to express themselves passionately and precisely.


The Malling School’s English curriculum offers a deep and detailed learning experience that makes our students interested and interesting. Our students will learn to be empathetic, to understand difference and to express themselves sensitively and intelligently. The schematic knowledge gives our students the confidence to share their own opinions and cast their own critical eye on texts they read in the future.


Year 7

Term One
Our journey begins with The Odyssey. We use this incredible text to inspire our students to write creatively. Not only this, but we will explore big ideas such as: freedom and confinement, Religion and fate as well as hubris and vulnerability.