Period 1 & PHSE

Period One - "The Malling School Way" lesson

As a school, we are totally committed to the overall quality of students’ education rather than simply focussing on exam outcomes.  Because of this, we continually develop our students’ character through the daily delivery of our Period One Personal Development & Character Education curriculum.  We call this ‘The Malling School Way’ Period One Lesson.

Here you will find an oversight of this important part of our students’ curriculum at TMS.  We encourage you to discuss these with your child:

This lesson is delivered every morning between 8:45am – 9:20am in what was historically referred to as Form Time.  'The Malling School Way' (TMSW) lesson incorporates the following from Monday-Friday:

Collective Reading

Many of our amazing staff regularly volunteer to record themselves narrating a chapter from our chosen books.  These are played to every form in Years 7-10 twice a week during their TMSW lesson.  The relevant pages are displayed under a classroom visualiser so the story can be followed visually as well as being listened to via classroom speakers.  Each chapter is then analysed so that new language is discussed, moral dilemmas are debated, and character is analysed.  Previous novels covered have been ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding and ‘The Bone Sparrow’ by Zana Fraillon.  Our core character values of Caring, Determined and Reflective are discussed and analysed through our chosen novels. 

Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education (PSHCE) lessons

One TMSW lesson a week focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and attributes to keep our students healthy and safe and to prepare them for life and work.  We discuss how our core character values of Caring, Determined and Reflective are needed to help our students make the right choices in life.  Topics include leadership, discussing emotions, bullying, online safety, identity, rights & respect and mental health, among others.


One TMSW lesson a week is delivered by a Pastoral Leader in the form of a whole year group assembly.  Topics linked to our collective reading, inspirational figures and PSHCE lessons are discussed as well as important national and international days and other significant events.  Our core character values of Caring, Determined and Reflective are central to these assemblies.

For further details of our period 1 & PSHE lessons please visit our curriculum page