SEN Provision

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At The Malling School we are fully committed to an inclusive approach to education. All students are treated as individuals and guided and supported to reach their personal maximum potential.

To support with learning all staff are fully aware of the individual needs of students ensuring that during lessons the work is made accessible for all and objectives are achievable but challenging.

For students with identified Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) information is received from the previous school and we use this to consider a suitable support pathway for each student relating to their individual needs.

We have a clear assessment process to identify specific learning needs and a team of support staff who can deliver short term intervention programmes should these be required.

Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) works with parents and staff to ensure that a team approach to supporting our students with SEND is put into place. The SENCo tracks and monitors the progress of students with SEND and advises staff of strategies to support students in their lessons.

Please click here if you require information regarding The Malling School Specialist Resource Provision (SRP).

Useful links for parents:

  • ICAN: This website offers a range of information services for parents and practitioners that provides help and advice about speech, language and communication for all school-aged children.
  • AFASIC: This website supports parents and represents children and young people with speech, language and communication needs. (NB: this is appropriate for all school-aged children but has a section on life after 16 so useful website for secondary school children. Also has section on applying for Disability Living Allowance and parent support forums)
  • Talking Point: This website has useful advice for teaching staff around adapting the classroom environment and supplementing teaching approaches.
  • National Autistic Society:  This website provides information about the diagnosis of autism, as well as useful strategies and advice for children who present with social communication difficulties.
  • The Kent Autistic Trust:  This website provides information about the diagnosis of ASD and the local area. It provides support services for families that are tailored to individual needs.
  • British Stammering Association: This website provides information and resources to support children who stammer.
  • Dyspraxia This website provides information and advice for families and school staff who are supporting a child with this diagnosis.