The Malling School SRP

The Malling School SRP is a highly successful specialist mainstream provision, established in September 1990.

In order to attend the SRP students must have an Education, Health and Care Plan for one of the following:

  • Speech Disorder
  • Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Students with placements in our Specialist Resource Provision are members of The Malling School and are supported by our structured inclusion programme. Students follow a mainstream curriculum that is differentiated to meet their needs and has a multi-sensory approach. All students study for appropriate GCSEs and other equivalent qualifications. We have high expectations for all our students to achieve or exceed their potential, which has resulted in a track record of excellent academic progress and personal development. Students receive a combination of small group and whole class teaching, supported by highly trained staff. Throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, students will receive specialist provision that supports them to make progress towards meeting the SEN outcomes set out in their EHCPs and to achieve good outcomes across the curriculum. The Specialist Resource Provision also has a designated Pastoral Manager who is responsible for student welfare throughout the school day. To support the academic progress and personal and social development of our students, we pride ourselves on our highly effective mentoring programme whereby each teacher has the responsibility for a small group of students. They design a personalised learning programme in line with the provision set out in each pupil’s EHCP. The effectiveness of this provision is continually monitored, reviewed and adapted accordingly to ensure the best learning outcomes. Tutors are responsible for monitoring student progress, their well-being and for liaising with parents/carers and other professionals.

Forward Pathways – Key Stage 5

For more information about forward pathways in KS5 please visit the 6th form area of our website.