The Malling School Way

The Malling School Way

TMSW - The Malling School Way 

The development of our students’ character is central to everything we do at The Malling School and we continually strive to ensure our students follow ‘The Malling School Way’. 

‘The Malling School Way’ is the foundation of our school and can be shown by demonstrating our three core character values of being Caring, Determined and Reflective.  We encourage all our staff and students to strive to show these character traits.

Our first core value is being ‘Caring’.  We want our students to be caring and will continue to encourage them to look after others and provide for their needs.  We stress the importance of putting others first and concerning themselves with how everyone is treated.  We show that being caring means supporting those around you, however you can.

Our second core value is being ‘Determined’.  We will continue to teach our students that being determined means you are willing to focus your efforts on challenging activities and keeping going especially when things are difficult. It means trying your best all the time, no matter what else is happening.

Our last core value is being ‘Reflective’.  We will always teach our students that being reflective means you are able to consider possible alternatives.  It means you can look back on what you and others have done and consider how to improve in the future. It means our students are always open to considering how best to develop.