Turn It Off

What is turn it off?

As part of "TMS GOES GREEN” we held a turn it off week between 3rd July – 7th July 2023. We measured the school’s total energy for the whole week including trending how much we are using overnight.

The plan was to compare how much power we use during the day as well as power wastage overnight compared to previous energy usage.






What are we doing to support going green?

As part of going GREEN as a collective group all members of staff are thinking about energy and how we can optimise our carbon footprint. Large projects are on the horizon as well as the small things that shouldn't be forgotten. Whether we need to switch off a device in standby mode or power off our electrical items such as Laptops, Projectors, Monitors, TV's every little will help. Our computer suites and many other devices are now configured to automatically switch off every afternoon after the school day to save on power consumption.    

Turn if Off - July 2023

In conjunction with our Sixth Form and Eco Teams, we are delighted to share with you the results of Turn It Off Week.

We managed to save circa £223 which equates to £11,596 over a full year. This is amazing and we would like to thank you all for your support with this. We would like to thank the Sixth Formers and Eco teams for their work on this.

This is an ongoing project and so our teams will be holding another week in the new school year as well as encouraging us all to ‘Turn It Off’ during the rest of the year.

Turn if Off - October 2023

Results coming soon...