Why go Green?

The Malling School is committed to saving energy and making a difference to the world we all live in. We have various exciting "green projects" on the horizon to support our planet as well as strengthening our finical commitments using green power to support all our students.

Current/Future Projects include

  • Winning Wilder Kent Awards
  • Generating our own green power for our Lake
  • Turn it off (read more)
  • Eco Clubs


What are we doing to support going green?

As part of going GREEN as a collective group all members of staff are thinking about energy and how we can optimise our carbon footprint. Whether we need to switch off a device in standby mode or power off our electrical items such as Laptops, Projectors, Monitors, TV's every little will help. Our computer suites and many other devices are now configured to automatically switch off every afternoon after the school day to save on power consumption.