If your child is unwell and cannot attend school, please telephone or email our Attendance Officer, Mrs Stock, on the day of the absence before 9.00am.  A message can be left on the answer machine if she is not available.

01732 840995 Option 3 


All students at The Malling School are expected to aim for 100% attendance if they are to fulfil their learning potential. Of course, there are times when attendance is not possible through illness or medical needs.

90% attendance sounds quite positive until it is viewed like this. We want to make every lesson count, please help us to do just that by aiming for a 100% percentage attendance

Each year, for every 2 days a pupil is absent reduces their attendance by 1%.  There is a direct correlation between high attendance and high academic attainment. Persistent non-specific illness e.g. poorly/unwell is not acceptable and will be questioned.

Children are required by law to attend school 190 days per year. The Government states that every pupil's attendance should be at least 95%. For pupils and parents this can be translated into the following missed learning time.

Attendance for 1 academic school year Absent days School weeks absent Number of lessons missed
95% 9 days 2 weeks 45 lessons
90% 19 days 4 weeks 95 lessons
85% 29 days 6 weeks 145 lessons
80% 38 days 8 weeks 190 lessons
75% 48 days 10 weeks 240 lessons


Medical Appointments

Any medical appointments should be made for out of school hours. If this is not possible please ensure your child attends school directly after/before the appointment. Whole days off for medical appointments will not be authorised without prior consultation with Mrs Stock the Attendance Officer.


All students need to be in school and in lessons on time. Students who constantly arrive late for school and lessons disrupt their own learning along with their peers. Persistent lateness will result in sanctions being put in place. Students should arrive in school for 8:45am.

Feeling Unwell

Should a student feel unwell at school the first point of contact will be their Guidance Manager, who will determine after a discussion with the student if they are unable to continue with the school day. Parental contact will always need to be made before any student leaves site, therefore please ensure we always have your correct home numbers.


Parents should not arrange holidays during term times as these are NOT permitted at The Malling School. They will incur a Fixed Penalty Notice fine of £120.00 per parent, per child. In exceptional circumstances should you require a leave of absence this must be submitted in advance in writing to the Headteacher for consideration.