Sixth Form students are able to arrive to school later and leave earlier dependant on their individual timetables, to do this, students will need to have permission to have a Fob.

The pedestrian entrance gate is on a Fob entry/exit system.  To enable Sixth form students to be able to exit, when necessary, we would like to issue them each with a fob.  The issue of the fob will be free of charge, however due to the cost associated with replacing a lost or broken fob, we will require a £10.00 deposit.  If the fob does require replacement during the time your child, has it, we will use the £10.00 deposit and an additional deposit will be required before the new fob can be issued.

The fob also enables the student to leave school during break or lunchtime without express permission from senior school leaders or myself.

Students are expected to use their fobs sensibly and for themselves only. Students shall have their fobs deactivated if any misconduct is found, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Arriving late to lessons.
  • Attendance falling below 96% without medical evidence.
  • Giving access to students who do not have permission to leave the school site, those both in Sixth Form and lower school.
  • Allowing anyone else other than themselves to use their fob on their behalf.