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We are overjoyed to share the fantastic news about our school's performance in the summer of 2023! 📊

TMS is delighted to announce that we have secured the 26th position among the 212 schools in Kent's local authority. Furthermore, in the category of non-selective schools, we have achieved an outstanding 4th place. These achievements are a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work of our students and staff. 🥇

Below is a break down of Progress 8: 📈

TMS Progress 8 stands at +0.29
The Kent LA average is -0.12
The England average is -0.03

What does this mean in simple terms?

Well, Progress 8 measures how much progress our students make from their starting points to their final exams. Our score of +0.29 reflects that our students are progressing well, outperforming both Kent and England averages. 📚

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible students, dedicated staff, and supportive parents. Your hard work and collaboration have been the driving force behind these impressive results. 🙏

This accomplishment is a testament to our school community's commitment to excellence. Together, we continue to thrive and grow. 🌱

Key Stage 4

2023 Whole Cohort Disadvantaged
Progress 8 0.29 -0.28
Attainment 8 Overall Ave grade 42.6 35.01
Percentage entered for the EBACC 17 7
Percentage passed the EBACC 7 5
Basics (4+ Eng & Maths) 59 46
Basics (5+ Eng & Maths) 36 21

Key Stage 5

2023 Whole Cohort Disadvantaged
Percentage Pass rate for IBCP 100% 100%
Academic Value Added -0.83 -2.19
Academic APS 31.82 36
Applied General Value Added -0.47 -0.13
Applied General APS D D*


  Whole Cohort Disadvantaged
Percentage School Attendance (Y7-Y11) 94.3 -
Percentage School Attendance (Y7- 13) 93.8 -

Key Stage 4 Destinations

44% Education at another 6th Form/FE College 47% remain at The Malling School
7% - Apprenticeships 62% - Employment