Support Staff

Ms K Truscott

PA to Headteacher and Office Manager

Mrs L Blofeld

Administrative Assistant

Mrs J Chapman

Office Administrator

Mrs S Snowdon Office Administrator

Human Resources & Finance Team

Mrs S Birchall Director of Business and Outreach

Mrs A Pardoe

Finance Assistant

Mrs A Pickering

Finance Officer

Mrs S Sprinz

Human Resources Officer

MIS Team & Attendance

Mrs S Thetford

MIS Manager

Mr J Osmond

Deputy MIS Manager

Mrs E Stock Attendance Officer

Mrs P Alexander

Admissions & Data Officer

Miss J Hudson Exams and MIS Assistant 

Miss K Preston

Cover Supervisor

Mrs V Ramos- Fraille Cover Supervisor 
Mr T Janekeh Cover Supervisor

ICT Team

Mr R Distefano

ICT Network Manager

Mrs K Barker

Senior ICT Technician

Mr G Thompson

ICT Technician

Pastoral Support

Mrs M Richardson

Lead Guidance Manager

Mrs S Hoare

Guidance Manager - Year 9

Miss H Simpson

Guidance Manager - Year 8

Miss S Taylor

Guidance Manager - Year 7

Mrs S Newlyn Guidance Manager - Year 7
Mrs S Evans Behaviour Support Coordinator

SEN & SRP Support

Mrs H Butlin

Administration Coordinator - SRP

Miss T Cann-Smith

Pastoral Manager - SRP

Miss S Laker

SEN Administrator

Mrs C Randall

SEN Administrator


Mrs D Jones

Senior Science Technician

Ms E Dijsselbloem

Science Technician

Mr R Birch

Design & Technology Technician

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Austin

Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Bath

Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Barker Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Bennie Teaching Assistant 
Miss J Cole Teaching Assistant

Mrs Y Devine

Teaching Assistant

Dr  P Day Teaching Assistant

Mr B Evans

Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Fisher

Teaching Assistant

Mr G Hammell

Teaching Assistant

Ms L Harper Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Hills

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Hustwayte Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Jones

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Kay Teaching Assistant

Miss A Kean

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Keeping

Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Kelly

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Kroon

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Livermore

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Lope Hu

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J McGill

Teaching Assistant - Sixth Form

Mrs A Paine

Teaching Assistant

Miss G Preece  Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Rees Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Robinson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Rowe

Teaching Assistant

Miss  H Sanger Teaching Assistant 

Mrs C Smith

Teaching Assistant

Miss N Thompson Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Tschorn

Teaching Assistant

Miss J Turner

Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Whitfield

Teaching Assistant

One to Few Tutors

Mr P Warnes

One to Few Tutor

Mr T Nichols 1:1 Teacher

Midday Meals Supervisors

Mrs N Cripps

Senior Midday Meals Supervisor

Miss C Baker

Midday Meals Supervisor

Miss S Craig

Midday Meals Supervisor

Miss L Gill

Midday Meals Supervisor

Miss K Ion Midday Meals Supervisor
Miss A Payne Midday Meals Supervisor
Miss A Stocker  Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs D Viegas Midday Meals Supervisor

Sixth Form & Careers Team

Miss C Barnes Acting Head of Sixth Form
Mrs H Cable KS5 Excellence for All / Careers Lead

Mrs P McCarthy

Acting Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Miss A Willis

Careers Adviser KS4

Mrs L Alexander Careers Adviser KS5

Other Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs A Aylward

Internal Verifier - Casual

Mrs C Sherry

Learning Resources Manager

Mr M Squires

Minibus Driver - Casual