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Gatsby Benchmark 4, Linking curriculum learning to careers explained

What is a Gatsby Benchmark?

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In our careers work we are governed by a set of standards called Gatsby Benchmarks. There are 8 of these and we work incredibly hard at The Malling School in order to meet these standards and even go above and beyond. Gatsby Benchmark 4 is a particular area in which teaching staff can help us to excel. This benchmark requires, “all teachers to link curriculum learning with careers”

Gatsby Benchmark 4, Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

“Careers in the curriculum describes a range of interventions which allow students to encounter career learning as part of their everyday school curriculum.”
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Why do we need careers work in the curriculum?

One of the ways we can improve our careers guidance and ensure that our students are well prepared for the world beyond school and are confident enough to make good decisions, is to embed the careers education into the curriculum. At TMS we offer students an education where the culture is that all staff are on board and are encouraged to talk about careers and the world of work on a regular basis from year 7 onwards and not just a one-off session in year 11 when students are panicking about their next step.

The benefits of linking careers to the curriculum

It seems obvious that if students know why they are in a lesson, then they are more likely to engage. We have all heard at some point the student who asks, “Why are we doing this? When am I going to find this useful after school?” It has also been proven that if a young person has a goal beyond school, then they are more likely to engage in their education. This gives them a tangible reason to achieve. Obviously, their aims and future goals will change as they mature over time - this is normal. It is not the specific chosen end result that is key here, it is simply having a reason to shoot for that goal which is important – purpose, ambition, aspiration and hope are the things that motivate us.

Finally, an embedded, stable careers program produces well prepared students who will be more successful, happy, settled and confident in later life. This is because we are preparing them for what is beyond us. Helping them become aware of what the fast-paced future job market will look like, preparing them to be lifelong learners, helping them to become adaptable and to become good decision makers.